About Our Studio

what does a person require to be an artist? Just a focus,just an aspiration,just an unrestrained passion is adequate.What if the artist has an equal command over the technique? The combination becomes lethal.

Sujit joined the Raheja college of Arts in 1998 and completed the diploma course in photography in first class,moving further in 2001 he joined the Vikshi media, Pune to learn Cinematography and completed this course too in first class.It all started from a scratch course in Photography which kindled the passion for clicking images and went further in camera becoming his seventh and most imperative sense organ for him.

26 years of successfully going through the industy and making his own mark in the profession had made sujit undisputedly one of the most sought after shutter bug in all types of photography.His own unique way and style of looking at things through the lens and ofcourse the stalwarts from the fashion and film media whom he assisted in his initial years like,Rakesh shrestha,Jagadish mali, Kishor sali to name a few,incorporating their valuable guidance and still maintaining his own approach had given sujit an unique blend of Art,Technique,Professionalism and the will,not just to sustain but to rise above all in this industry. sujit`s outstanding way of handling camera,lighting,visualizing and his acquaitance with the ever advancing photographic technology, not just lenses and equipments but also approach and attitude,which he utilizes artistically and sensibly had gained a reputed clientel throught the years.

Photography can`t be differetiated from Sujit,It`s his life or may be a bit more than life.A brilliant visualizer,innovative conceptualizer,Sujit had a great affinity and flair for Music,he can relate, understand enjoy the creative aspects of music which gives his art a definite and sharp edge above the others